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e ▓someone who keeps his promises," the Guardian noted.The Guardian commented that regardless of the YouGov verdi▓ct, Labour won't be disappointed with Corbyn's p▓erformance, wh

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  • this until voting day."Topics in the ▓deba
  • te ranged from climate change to the Nati▓ona
  • l Health Service (NHS) with Corbyn
  • ▓claiming Johnson's government
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ile Johnson's Con▓servatives would be entitled to be relieved, "but certainly not overjoyed."Labour is trailing

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 the Conservatives by a large margin in most opinion polls.Pressed by moderator Julie Etchin▓gham, both leade

ardian in London said Co

rs promised to improve the nature of debate if they become the prime minister after Dec. 12.Her question was p

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rompted by▓ complaints of bitter and hostile wrangling that has been the hallmark of debates in the House of

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Commons during 2019.Etchingham asked them both to make her call a pledge, and succee▓ding in getting the two

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leaders to shake hands.The only light-hearted moment in the exc▓hange came when the final question asked each

  • leader what would they give to the other as▓ a Christmas gift.Corbyn said he would gi▓ve Johnson a copy of the Charles Dicken▓s classic book, A Christmas Carol. Johnson, in a nod to Corbyn's hobby of gardening and▓ growing fruit, said he would gift the Labour ▓leader a pot of damson jam. Please scan the QR Code to follow us o

    ash."His w orst moment 
  • n InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatChinese President Xi ▓Jinping on Wednesday called on the business▓ circles to actively participate and promote▓ BRICS economic cooperation so as to make tangible contributions to economic growth an▓d job creation.Xi urges business sector's active participation in BRICS coopera

    came when th e audience laughed
  • tionXi urges business sector's active par▓ticipation in BRICS cooperation11-14-2019 18:03 BJTBRASILIA, Nov. 13 -- Chinese Presiden▓t Xi Jinping on Wednesday called on the business circles to actively participate and promote BRICS economic cooperation so as to make tangible▓ contributions to economic growt▓h and job creation.Xi m

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